Press release | Caeli Nova celebrates a successful summer with a record intake of seven interns

Breathing technology expert, Caeli Nova, is celebrating a record intake of seven interns for 2021 across its software, engineering, medical, strategy and design departments.

A key concern in the aviation industry has been a lack of workplace inclusivity. Caeli Nova is aiming to tackle this by recruiting interns from a range of diverse backgrounds and in turn, benefit from the varying viewpoints and insights they can bring to the development of its technology. 

Caeli Nova has offered each university student a 10-week internship to learn first-hand from some of the best engineers, developers and medical teams in the aviation industry, enabling the selected students to enrich their studies during the summer period.

Tim Wakeford, CEO at Caeli Nova says: “One of our top priorities at Caeli Nova is promoting workplace inclusivity, it’s a matter that is extremely important to me. I loved the idea of employing interns from different backgrounds to work with us as we continue to develop and promote Cordillera, an innovative enhancement to the passenger emergency oxygen system. It’s been an interesting few months working with a broad group of interns and I hope they will all take something meaningful away from the team at Caeli Nova, which will help with their ongoing studies.”

The recruits for this year are Nesta Ferguson, design and R&D engineering intern; Lakshya Sharma, medical intern; Michaela Jurkovicova, software developer intern; Mariam Merchant, engineering intern; Daria Eimbcke Bosch, strategy intern; Kristina Calver, design engineering intern and Ruairidh Scott-Brown, design engineering intern. 

Nesta Ferguson, design and R&D engineering intern, Caeli Nova says: “I first became aware of Caeli Nova through a university email bulletin about placement opportunities. When I applied, the company hadn’t revealed its first product, Cordillera, so I was initially intrigued to find out what they had in store over the next few months and with the company HQ being in Shoreditch it quickly became an attractive opportunity. 

“As my internship draws to a close, I will be going into the office more frequently to conduct laboratory testing on the initiation mechanism I have been working on. My main takeaway from my placement is that there’s a lot of work behind the scenes that you aren’t initially aware of when a company delivers a product to the market and I’m really glad that I could be a part of this journey.” 

Lakshya Sharma, medical intern, Caeli Nova adds: “Sadly, I’ve just finished my 10-week internship at Caeli Nova and what an experience it’s been. I’ve learnt in-depth about breathing cycles and have used these findings to conduct literature reviews to see how the results could influence future medical trials. It’s been such a rewarding internship and has made me want to pursue a career in team-based research.”

For further information on Caeli Nova’s summer internship programme for 2022, please visit: The application process for Caeli Nova’s next intake will begin in January 2022.   


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About Caeli Nova:

Caeli Nova’s patented breathing technology can improve oxygenation of the human body in demanding situations such as altitude.

Caeli Nova’s first product, Cordillera, is an emergency oxygen system, available as a simply installed retrofit,  suitable for commercial and military passenger aircraft. It is a key safety system is designed to protect passengers in the rare event of a loss of cabin pressure, known as a decompression. In addition, Cordillera removes operational constraints and limitations facing airlines, airframers and defence aerospace today, thereby allowing airlines to operate shorter flights, with associated reductions in fuel and carbon emissions.