Inspired by aviation and medical research

Established by experts in both medicine and aviation, the Caeli Nova journey began during one of our founder’s medical studies in Switzerland, as he researched the optimisation of human body oxygenation at altitude. 

While on a trip from Hong Kong to Europe in 2010, our founders realised the aircraft operating their flight was not flying the most direct route. After a discussion with the captain, a former colleague, they discovered the limiting factor in the route selection was the aircraft’s oxygen system. The pilot was required to follow a route that allowed for a rapid descent to a mandated safe altitude in the rare event of an emergency decompression. The limitations of existing systems resulted in avoiding high terrain routes, even if they were the more direct.

Their interests sparked by this discovery, our founders carried out extensive research into improving passenger oxygen levels at altitude. They drew upon established medical learnings and findings in order to develop a solution that would open up the most efficient flight paths, while keeping passengers safe. Here, the initial concept for Caeli Nova was born.  

Our company was established in 2018 and its team of experts has worked tirelessly to bring our founders’ ideas to life. Since then, our business has undertaken an extensive research and development programme and the Caeli Nova team is committed to creating additional oxygenation solutions that have wider uses beyond the aviation industry.