Caeli Nova agreement to expand Airbus’ sustainable technology offering

Breathing technology expert Caeli Nova is signing a Co-Development Partnership Agreement with Airbus to enhance technical collaboration on Cordillera, Caeli Nova’s innovative new passenger emergency oxygen system, for use onboard Airbus aircraft.

Cordillera uses Caeli Nova’s patented technology to improve passenger oxygenation in the rare event of an emergency decompression. Cordillera extends the performance of existing oxygen systems by enabling the aircraft to safely divert at a higher altitude, therefore allowing airlines to operate the most direct air routes, often over high terrain, reducing flight times and therefore fuel usage and carbon emissions. In addition, Cordillera will deliver optimised payload planning especially for twin engine aircraft and weight savings compared to existing legacy systems.

The collaboration between the two companies will enable the application of Caeli Nova’s technology to Airbus aircraft. Adopting the agile design methodology embraced by Caeli Nova, the environmental benefits and cost savings will be available faster for operators of Airbus aircraft. 

Tim Wakeford, CEO at Caeli Nova says: “Over the past three years we have built a team that is able to adapt quickly and operate highly collaboratively to drive innovation forward. For example, in December 2020 we received initial Design Organisation approval from EASA following an intensive fourteen-month process, an achievement that can take companies significantly longer. We will be bringing this agile approach to our work with Airbus and look forward to seeing the results.”

As a result of the partnership, Airbus is able to take advantage of Caeli Nova’s dynamic approach when introducing new technology, ensuring that certification and installation are swiftly achieved, and delivering customers the benefits of this technology in an optimised timeframe.

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About Caeli Nova:

Caeli Nova’s patented breathing technology can improve oxygenation of the human body in demanding situations such as altitude.

Caeli Nova’s first product, Cordillera, is an emergency oxygen system suitable for commercial and military passenger aircraft. This key safety system is designed to protect passengers in the rare event of a loss of cabin pressure, known as a decompression. In addition, Cordillera removes operational constraints and limitations facing airlines, airframers and defence aerospace today, thereby allowing airlines to operate shorter flights, with associated reductions in fuel and carbon emissions.

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