Roundtables: Our Inclusivity Initiative

At Caeli Nova we are committed in creating an environment that is inclusive for all. As part of our commitment, in 2021, we introduced an initiative called “Roundtables” to provide a platform for our colleagues to learn more about each other and form deeper connections.

Through Roundtables, everyone has the opportunity to tell their story and learn about the variety of backgrounds we have at Caeli Nova. This way of sharing, encourages open discussions and challenges any unconscious bias that may exist. It enables our team to become aware of not only how their colleagues have got to where they are now, but the reasons why. By sharing unique and personal experiences (both positive and negative), the team are able to bond over common ground, and learn about something they may never have experienced themselves.

Our Roundtables start by having a number of our amazing colleagues volunteer to lead a Roundtable. Our team is then split up and allocated to a volunteer. For Roundtables to be at their most effective, our volunteers share past personal experiences, that can be both liberating and uncomfortable. This level of vulnerability is not only an authentic way for the team to feel closer to their colleagues, but also an opportunity for everyone to take away something new.

A number of Roundtables have been held over the past few years, all of which have been a success. Individuals have enjoyed listening to the interesting backgrounds of their colleagues and have described the experience as “emotional” and an “eye opener”. With so many different backgrounds and experiences at Caeli Nova, each Roundtable has been unique.

This week we have celebrated our fourth round of Roundtables. We asked a few people in our team what their views were about the Roundtables they held or attended:


Ila, R&D Engineer

“I was a bit worried about presenting a roundtable as the previous ones I attended had presenters that had long, interesting careers with lots of experience. As I had joined Caeli Nova as a graduate I thought I might not have much to talk about. This wasn't the case at all as everyone has a unique experience, especially when it comes to diversity and inclusivity, and the discussion that comes from it is the important bit. It was also fun going through and finding pictures from my life, and in my case the discussions made me think about my life in a way even I didn’t think about before which was quite interesting!”


Sam, Design Engineer

“It was very insightful to hear about my colleague’s journey through their career in the lead up to joining Caeli Nova. Hearing their honesty around the challenges they faced throughout their journey and the challenges they continue to face today made the experience very personal. My colleague showed bravery in opening up and their sincerity created a very trusting environment.”


El, Financial Controller

“Despite my initial hesitance regarding my worthiness of presenting a Roundtable, I found the whole experience to be incredibly thought provoking and insightful. Allowing the time to look back at where you’ve been, both personally and professionally, is an important exercise in self-reflection.  It helps to understand why some of your characterises and traits might be in place along with understanding those which might explain behavioural patterns and relationship needs. It also opens yourself up, in a way not usually done, to your colleagues which only enhances and deepens working relationships through shared and at times differing experiences.”


At Caeli Nova we look forward to hosting more Roundtables and pushing forwards with actively creating an environment that continues to be inclusive for all, so everyone can bring their true self to work.