Developed to overcome existing limitations

Emergency oxygen is a key system that protects passengers in the rare event of a loss of cabin pressure. Existing systems have typically protected passengers for only a short time period and therefore in the event of a decompression, the aircraft was required to make a steep descent to a safe breathing altitude, typically 10,000ft. As a result of this, operators have experienced several operational, financial and sustainability related limitations.

With the application of our core technology to improve the oxygenation of passengers in the event of a decompression, Cordillera has been designed to overcome these limitations. 

  • Cordillera reduces the flight safety risks associated with a steep descent profile and operating at 10,000ft in a decompression event.

  • Cordillera enables airlines to fly the most direct routes, reducing fuel and carbon emissions on certain routes.

What is Cordillera?

Cordillera is a retrofittable emergency oxygen system that replaces existing installations with minor disruption to the operator.