Caeli Nova announces Guillaume Tison as Vice President of Business Development

Caeli Nova, breathing technology innovator, is announcing the appointment of Guillaume Tison as Vice President of Business Development.

Tison brings with him 14 years’ experience in the aerospace and airlines sector, having held positions at HAECO Cabin Solutions as director of sales and business development and seating specialist Recaro as the regional sales director Western and Northern Europe. 

Tim Wakeford, CEO of Caeli Nova, says: “Guillaume has a notable network amongst European airlines and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as well as a deep understanding of the sales process of large-scale retrofit programmes. He shares our values and our passion for aviation and sustainable technologies, which will make him a great fit within Caeli Nova.”

Within his role, Tison will be further introducing airlines to Caeli Nova’s first product, Cordillera, which opens up optimal flight routes, such as the L888 over the Himalayas, by using Caeli Nova’s trailblazing breathing technology. In the case of a decompression event, Cordillera allows an aircraft to safely divert for a longer duration at a higher altitude to a suitable airport, overcoming current regulations that limit airlines’ ability to operate the most direct and economic flight paths.

Tison says: “I have a keen interest in introducing more sustainable technology solutions in aviation and to reduce the carbon footprint of aircraft while improving airlines’ bottom line. Having the opportunity to contribute to the application of Cordillera onto aircraft is something I’m hugely proud of.”

“Caeli Nova has a trailblazing product and we will transform the way carriers operate their fleet, unlocking the full potential of the aircraft and allowing airlines to achieve substantial fuel savings and to increase their revenues. I’m looking forward partnering with all major airlines and aircraft OEMs to let them benefit from our technology.”